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Bali Management Company

Bali Management Company under licensed of PT. Bali Mandiri Cartyanka, the proper hotel/villa management, consultant and marketing.

International travel had been growing rapidly for both business and leisure, and round the world flights service become available. The hotel operation was already looking toward wider activities. A major factor in the success of the company is the emphasis placed on personalized service and family style is a plan, an average of 20% of the guests is repeat visitors. The Hotel/Villa’s distinguished reputation in culinary achievements is a result of the top priority given to this area. Again, the emphasis is on individuality and menus featuring local cuisine as well as international favorites.

The management helps plan restaurants, established standards and procedures and organizes in-house training programs to ensure high standard of performance at every hotel/villas. The Food and Beverage Department also works closely with design personnel to develop appropriate themes for restaurants and supervises equipment decisions, menu planning, hiring and cooking methodology.

BMC. maintains a headquarters staff of specialists in every field of Department operations who set standards, establishes operating policies and generally directs the hotels/villa’s activities . A long with specialists at the divisional level, they supplement the hotel’s own staff capacities in such areas of operation as marketing, food and beverage, housekeeping, front office, engineering and maintenance, operation analysis, personnel and manpower development.

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